Since: API Level 12


Provides support to communicate with USB hardware peripherals that are connected to Android-powered devices. Use UsbManager to access the state of the USB and to communicate with connected hardware peripherals. Use UsbDevice to communicate with the hardware peripheral if the Android-powered device is acting as the USB host. Use UsbAccessory if the peripheral is acting as the USB host.


UsbAccessory A class representing a USB accessory, which is an external hardware component that communicates with an android application over USB. 
UsbConstants Contains constants for the USB protocol. 
UsbDevice This class represents a USB device attached to the android device with the android device acting as the USB host. 
UsbDeviceConnection This class is used for sending and receiving data and control messages to a USB device. 
UsbEndpoint A class representing an endpoint on a UsbInterface
UsbInterface A class representing an interface on a UsbDevice
UsbManager This class allows you to access the state of USB and communicate with USB devices. 
UsbRequest A class representing USB request packet.