Since: API Level 9


Provides access to Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality, allowing applications to read NDEF message in NFC tags. A "tag" may actually be another device that appears as a tag.

Here's a summary of the classes:

This is the high level manager, used to obtain this device's NfcAdapter. You can acquire an instance using getSystemService(String).
This represents the device's NFC adapter, which is your entry-point to performing NFC operations. You can acquire an instance with getDefaultAdapter(), or getDefaultAdapter(android.content.Context).
Represents an NDEF data message, which is the standard format in which "records" carrying data are transmitted between devices and tags. Your application can receive these messages from an ACTION_TAG_DISCOVERED intent.
Represents a record, which is delivered in a NdefMessage and describes the type of data being shared and carries the data itself.

Note: Not all Android-powered devices provide NFC functionality.


NdefMessage Represents an NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) data message that contains one or more NdefRecords. 
NdefRecord Represents a logical (unchunked) NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) record. 
NfcAdapter Represents the local NFC adapter. 
NfcManager High level manager used to obtain an instance of an NfcAdapter
Tag Represents an NFC tag that has been discovered.