Since: API Level 1

This package provides the classes and interfaces needed to implement and program different methods of users' authentication and role based users' authorization. All subjects' authentication and role based authorization are strongly coupled with the file that, as always, is the ultimate arbiter of all matters secure in Android. For example the class updates the ProtectionDomains associated with the actual class with the subjects defined therein.


Destroyable Allows for special treatment of sensitive information, when it comes to destroying or clearing of the data. 


AuthPermission Governs the use of methods in this package and also its subpackages. 
PrivateCredentialPermission Protects private credential objects belonging to a Subject
Subject The central class of the package representing an authenticated user or entity (both referred to as "subject"). 
SubjectDomainCombiner Merges permissions based on code source and code signers with permissions granted to the specified Subject


DestroyFailedException Signals that the destroy() method failed.