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Primer Programa, instalación SDK, Eclipse plugin

Hello I am edu from edu4java and this is the first Android tutorial.

We are going to make our first Android program

The first thing we are going to do is download Android SDK

Android SDK

Here we are.

Ok, lets go to Quick Start and it says;

Prepare your development computer

Ok, basically here is says that you must have already installed Eclipse and Java JDK.

I recommend you Eclipse 3.5 and JDK 1.6

If you don't know how to install them, there is a tutorial in edu4java;

The first tutorial which shows you how to install Eclipse and JDK

Let's go to point 2.

Download and install the SDK starter package

It is about this links that we have here.

I'm going to choose Windows

Basically because I have Windows

Here I cheated on you, I had already downloaded it

Then I'm going to use this one

Once you have downloaded it you double click

And you are going to see a little folder inside


You drag it

You better drop it in a folder like C:\

Or C:\android for example

I put it in the desktop to make this tutorial more simple

Once we have download the folder android-sdk-windows we are going

To execute SDK Manager.exe

This runs this

Here we are recommended to download all this

You can do it but to be quicker I'm going to cancel it

Lets take a look, this is a manager which let us download different ...

SDK packages

Let's see what we've got available packages

We are going to download this SDK and the API

There are a lot of SDK versions, 8,

Android 2.2 ,API 8, Android 2.1 the API 7,

I'm going to download this one which is the last version of sdk

And this one which is the last version of the examples.

Once we have them... Install Selected

Accept and Install

And now wait

Thanks to the magic of the TV the waiting is shorter

Everything is downloaded.


ok, let's leave it here.

Let's continue with eclipse.

Follow the instructions to do it right

Install the ADT plug-in for Eclipse

Copy this URL

Go to Eclipse

- help –

Install new software

Add a new site from where to download plug-ins

Select these,




Accept... finish

And the plug-in is installing

Here we get a warning

Unsigned component

Click ok, is not important

Finish... your are asked to restart click

Ok, we have the eclipse plug-in installed

Now we need to inform the eclipse plug-in for Android where is the Android SDK

Go to windows – preferences – Android.

I have this already from before but you have to go to browse and

Select the SDK location where you put it, for example I put it in

Desktop Android here

And you are going to put this folder...

Ok and automatically this is going to appear

That is the sdk version you have.

Ok, the android plug-in has already been installed and configured.

Right button on the mouse,


Other... you are going to have a tab android where you have an android project

Like this we can create an android project... Ok

We are going to put a name

Android tutorial 1

We are going to put application name

Android tutorial 1

We are going to put a package name

We are going to put an activity

Ok, an activity it is not exactly a window but we can consider it as one

For the sdk version we are going to use 7,

We are going to use 8, but we are going to say we'll use 7.

It is a bit risky but anyway


Now we have new project

As you can see it generated a lot of files and directories

Let's go over it;

The main element is the android manifest xml

This is the main element inside the android program


This manifest has a tag application

And inside the application it has generated automatically an activity

Which would be the window


This .ventana is making reference to a class which was also generated:

This point here is because the default package is this one

To avoid writing this, this way

Android allows us to write it .ventana

We are talking about this class which is inside this package

Ok, afterwards we are going to see what an intent is...

This a window

Let's see if we can run this application and see the window

This is all generated code

Let's see the window

The activity has a label which is going to be string/app name

This app name is taken out of a string which in the folder resource,

Values has a xml strings

This would be as

What is here is going to be taken from here

It will show android tutorial 1

Hello World, ventana! es el hello

Which is going to be used in the layout

The layout is this one

It access to Hello World, ventana!

Let's run the program and continue talking later

Press right button of the mouse

Run as- android application

As we have told the plug-in where the sdk is

He is going to run the sdk

We are going to run the emulator

The emulator of an android telephone

Its loading

This emulator automatically

When we are compiling we run the emulator and all the code of the project is going to be compiled and copied inside the telephone

And when this is finish loading our application will be showed.

It takes its time

I don't know why but it is shown in this type of screen

Normally we press menu to show the application

Android tutorial 1 Hello World, ventana!

Let´s go to the string and change Hello World, ventana! for Hello World, Edu!

We save and we go back to run as android application

And load the emulator

And we can see that the application now says Hello Edu! in the android

Ok, with this we finish the first android tutorial and now we are going to carry on making android tutorials

See you in the next one